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Why I like Godot?

By @vysnvnt on 2021 Aug 31 filed in #godot #advantages

In the last couple of years, I try both Godot and Unity for game development when I started my journey in games I started with libgdx which is a framework for game development then I tried my first game engine that was Unreal Engine but after some days at started feel like its too hard for a beginner and its more useful for 3D games but I am more interested in 2D so I want a new engine then I found Unity engine which is super beginners friendly so I tried it for a long time unity actually help me to learn how game engines work and how they are used with programming languages i study C# language which is used by unity for coding i learn many new things that make my basic engine skills improved how each element work, then when i am doing things with unity my friend suggest me to try a new open source game engine Godot which is growing rapidly in the industry so i give it a try and i completely in love with godot because of my switch from unity to Godot i knows the basics how engine works UI etc and all then i started experimenting with it and learn godot node system how godot arrange scene into nodes and nodes can be connected in trees and many more things, so this post is about sharing things i like in Godot more than unity so lets start.

The first thing I like most about Godot is its size it’s only less than 40 MB which is a very likable engine due to its size it’s very lightweight for CPU so it works faster on any pc when I tried unity and unreal engine they both are very large in size like the unreal engine is more than 5 GB and unity is approximate nearest to 2 GB they both are high in size so they are heavy for CPU to run Godot have this most advantage that it has no installation issues and all it’s just ready to use and experiment but unity and unreal needs a long installation process which doubles person fatigue especially horrible for beginners.

2nd thing I like in Godot is its scene node system everything in Godot is a node that does a particular task you can create your own node to make it done your desired task node is a single tasker node created to do a thing like a CollisionShape2D node is only used to create collision shapes but you have one more thing i.e. Scene each scene is a collection of nodes like a player scene has nodes that make a player work as a player and these scenes are interconnected with other scenes like you have a level scene which has player, platform, tree.. so many others nodes this is a very beautiful thing, you can use a single node several times you can use in a different tree and multiple time so this is very handy in use you have to create things only one time like Godot unity also has prefabs that are similar to the scene but its less handy Godot has it perfectly.

3rd thing I like in Godot is its engine features edit system in Godot we can decide which features we only want to use in Godot which I saw in other engines and this feel more useful for an engine because it packs with multiple features which are not useful in our current game so in Godot we can remove it or add it as per choice.

4th thing Godot has an inbuilt code editor so that you can write code in the engine itself directly I have never seen any engine unity use visual studio for code unreal engine use blueprint system, but Godot has its own inbuilt editor that has syntax highlighting and code suggestion system which is most flexible and you can edit its theme and change colours and fonts, etc so it’s fully customizable.

5th and the best point I like in Godot is its Player Input System its soo easy to use you can define tag make your own inputs and assign them to any key or controller or mouse or joystick then you can use this tag in code and check player input in any place in code other system has there different predefined syntax which is sometimes hard to learn but Godot is super easy and beginner-friendly.

So there are the things I like in Godot that make me more inspiring to use it, I update this post when I get more likable points about Godot. If you are a beginner to game development I recommend trying Godot once you can like it too. So let’s meet in the next post stay tuned😊.

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