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Which Software To Use For Pixel art?

By @vysnvnt on 2021 Aug 14 filed in #tools #beginner

Hello, friends Welcome to my first post on my new blog vysnvnt, for my first post my brother suggested to me an idea to write about which software to use for pixel art so I decided to write about it.

This is the very basic issue encountered by every newbie when he started making pixel art, I personally try several pixel art software to make pixel art in a comfortable manner but I especially learn pixel art for game development, so I want software that helps me in providing the best environment for static as well as for animated pixel art and the most preferable feature I especially searching for is onion skinning used for animations, so my research and experiment leads to these best software arranged according to there level of experience required.

1. Piskel (Level - Easy)

Piskel free and open-source software and also contains almost all the tools and it also working on the web completely free to use and perfect for a newbie I marked it at the top because if you are new to pixel art it gives u a friendly environment to start to the journey of pixel art I started learning pixel art on piskel then I switch to aseprite(Mention in next) when I gain experience.

2. Aseprite (Level - Intermediate)

Aseprite is the best software I have ever seen for pixel art it got everything a pixel artist and an animator need, I used it daily personally it’s a perfect choice but it’s a bit more costly best for professionals and some experienced people, it gives you everything you need and raises your speed of art to the top.

They have all you need for pixel art, another one I used two years ago is Graphics Gale but it’s a bit complex for newbies other than that its good for animation so I mention it too.

Let’s wrap up the article thanks for reading and stay tuned for more pixel art and game development articles☺️.

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