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Superpower in art

By @vysnvnt on 2021 Sept 15 filed in #experience #art

Hello friends, I know I am late in this week’s post but some of the last few days there was a lot of stuff is happening, I started learning to drive a car and I try to solve my internal habits of ignorance to improve my thinking ability of awareness with the help of my friend. So for today’s post, I want to share about the experiences that I feel in the journey of learning and doing pixel art and game development aka my art journey experience.

When I started to learn and feel art my journey start because I want to make games on my own so I started learning it my friends give me direction to pursue my dreams then I started to learn game development by trying libgdx then after time goes I learn tools and different skills then I started learning pixel art as I study pixel art I learn book to practice it several times then I discovered and feel a superpower about art, at the start I am completely new then after as i progress in learning art i feel like i am not drawing i am just expressing what i feel internally, sometime when i take pen tool for making art on canvas i actually try to make something like x named art but as i make the art it modify itself in the process of making it and i get a completely different art named x’ from my real imagination that phenomenon i called super power of artist, an artist make things without knowing what he want to make in the end he has only a picture and when he is making he change it in the process of making the art i feel it too when i am making a timelapse of my pixel art i start art and i end up getting a unique that how artist can feel its a beautiful way to do things you have a current thing then you are doing step by step by modifying the art that power you can also feel when you are practice too much that art manifestation become your super power.

The artist has a self-modifying cycle he has a 0 level image then as he progresses his photo modifies and take another form then he gets the beautiful final moment of art, as I am doing art I want to understand how my feelings work with art some time I make an identical photo of my feelings at that time.

So if you want to do things in Instinct practice more and try to track what you did while making art and it’s fun to free draw or doddle pixel art🤘.

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